How do I register myself with Happy Holidays ?

Customers will need to provide their contact details, such as name, Email address and phone number for registration.

How do I pay for purchasing any product on happyholidays.ae

Happy Hoidays accepts credit card payments to make it convenient for our customers

Is it possible to change the accommodation for my trip?

Changes to the accommodation plan will depend on the service provider and the associated terms and conditions.

How will I be informed of my hotel or resort booking?

Happy Holidays  will provide the necessary confirmation about your hotel or resort booking and information can also be found on the websites related to the hotel or resort they are staying in.

Can I change or cancel my reservation to a hotel or resort?

Changing or cancelling of hotel or resort bookings depends on the hotel or resort and the policies regarding this procedure. Customers can either contact Happy Holidays  for a change or cancellation and we will advise them of the steps to be taken.